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Importance of Email Etiquette

Many of us tend to ignore the importance of communication via email. It is treated just as another channel of communication. However, we cannot deny that the subject line, content, tone of communication plays a vital role in conveying our message via email. How you communicate via email can make or break your image. Here are few quick tips for making your email look professional:

a) Draft the content of the email

  • Use bullet points and short sentences to convey your message

  • Content should be crisp, thorough and non-iterative

  • Highlight key points like Date, Cost, Venue etc.

  • Ensure the tone of your message is correct

  • If you frequently plan to send emails of similar format, create templates for reuse

  • Spell check your content

  • For very important mails get a proof reading done

  • Avoid sending confidential communication via email

  • Be respectful while writing and email

  • Do not add heave attachments in email. If possible share the path of documents instead of attaching it in emails

  • Do not add emoticons, jargons or slang words in your email

b) Chose the correct Subject Line – The Subject Line should be able to communicate the purpose of email

c) Recipient’s email list

  • This should be put at the end, after content is drafted, reviewed and finalized

  • Get the correct email id of the audience

  • The main audience should be in “To” list of recipients

  • Rest of audience who should be informed will be in “Cc” list

d) Be careful when you do a "Reply All" - ensure that you have the correct audience

e) When you reply to an email, ensure that you update the Subject of the response

f) Create an email signature containing your contact details for recipients to reach out to the sender

Remember that your emails reflects your personality. So next time you plan to send out an official communication via email, spend some time to get the content organized, review it, do a spell check and ensure you have the right audience and the correct subject line.

Some useful links:

If you want to send bulk email to multiple recipients as during marketing campaign use:

Email on Acid provides 600+ free HTML email templates from different sources.

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