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Why I Picked Over Google Search

The end of March was incredibly hectic for me, with project deadlines and numerous other responsibilities piling up. I needed to conduct some important research, and as usual, I turned to Google Search. However, I didn't have the luxury of time to navigate through endless pages of search results. I wished for a tool that could provide summarized results. That's when I discovered It turned out to be exactly what I needed, and here's why.

Let's Compare!


Google Search

Focused Answers

It gives straight, concise responses gathered from different sources

Google search output is a set of links from all over the web, that match the search criteria

Contextual Understanding

It understands the context of your questions, so you get more relevant responses.

Google uses algorithms to try and guess what you’re looking for based on your search history.


You get summarized responses, saving you loads of time.

You may spend more time than you planned, clicking through different links.


It breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand summaries.

You’re left to piece together the info from various sources yourself.

Specialized Information

It’s your go-to for digging deep into specialized topics, perfect for pros.

Google’s covers general searches to in-depth research based on the keywords entered

User Experience

You can chat with it, and ask follow-up questions, and it’ll keep the conversation going.

Google’s interface is not much of a chatterbox. It would help if you refreshed the search criteria

Interactive Q&A

Yes, you can keep asking questions to get the information you need.

Nope, you’ll have to start a new search for additional questions.

Structured Information

The answers are nicely laid out, making it easy to digest. Try to search for "Who is Sundar Pichai?" and see the difference

You get a mishmash of formats – articles, images, videos – it's like a digital treasure hunt!


Search response is not as tailored to your preferences, but it gets the job done.

Google knows your search history like the back of its hand, so it tries to personalize your results.

Local Results

It’s not the best for finding local stuff.

Google’s great at finding local businesses, events, and whatnot based on your location.

Real-Time Information

It’s more about summarizing static info than giving you live updates.

Google’s got your back with real-time updates on news, weather, etc

When to Use Them is your go-to friend when you need quick, straight-to-the-point answers. It's like having a helpful friend who gives you the key points without all the extra noise. Whether you're at work and need reliable information for important decisions or you're studying and want clear explanations, is there to save you time and hassle.

Google Search, on the other hand, is like your trusty encyclopedia for when you want to dive deep into a topic or find local info. It's also great for exploring nearby restaurants or the latest news. Google Search has resources and can help you with any question.


So depending on what you need - whether it's the efficiency and conciseness of or the depth and breadth of Google Search - each tool offers unique strengths to enhance your search experience.


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