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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  What is the difference between a project and a program?

A project is an initiative that has a definite start and end, has certain objectives and goals which are met at the completion of the project. A program, on the other hand,  comprises of a group of related projects trying to achieve the same goal and objectives. For a program to be complete, each of the constituents projects should be complete.




 02  What are the top 3 skills required by a Project Manager?

A project manager should have effective communication skills - should keep all stakeholders informed of the project updates. A good Project Manager should be able to identify risks on time and create a plan to mitigate it. Skille Project Managers will give due importance to Scope, Schedule, Cost & Quality of deliverables.




 03  Can conflict be avoided at work?

Conflict at work is unavoidable. What cannot be avoided must be handled. In fact, effective conflict handling mechanism are attributes of good leaders and a successful team. We must have an open mind while resolving conflicts. We should focus on the event of conflict and not the conflicting personalities. A person trying to resolve a conflict must be a good listener in order to dentify the root cause of the problem and come up with a plan of action. Execute the plan and monitor it periodically to prevent the conflict from reoccurring again. A conflict should be treated as an opportunity and not a threat.




 04  What are some leadership traits of highly successful people?

A leader leads by example. A leader should be a role model for his/her people. A leader should demand respect by virtue of the knowledge they possess. A leader should be honest and transparent. Good communication skills will help the leader to motivate their people. Great leaders let their work speak - they deliver great results and hence they inspire their team. Leaders grow with their team and as they do so, they groom several other leaders.




 05  Why do projects fail?
Often times the overall goals and objectives are not clear and project requirements are not aligned with the goals. This oversight impacts the 3 project constraints: Scope, Cost, Schedule and leads to the failure. Projects should have clearly defined responsibilities for all it's stakeholders who should be actively involved in all phases of the project. Communication should be clear and transparent amidst all stakeholders. A gap in communication also a contributor to failed projects. A strong Project Manager will hold the reigns of the project strong enough to ensure it's successful execution.

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