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Leadership styles are continuously changing in this demanding environment and my main aim here is to groom the leader in you. Project and Program Managers today are not merely co-ordinating projects, they are taking the lead in several critical initiatives. The aim here is to share PPM knowledge with the wider community, enrich your soft skills and nurture the leadership qualities in you.


If you have any Project Management specific questions, if you want to share your experience or publish Project/Program Management specific blog reach out to me at:


Project & Program Management


Project and Program Management skill-set is not just knowing the theory but applying them in practice. I haves shared some real experiences and challenges through my blogs and how experienced managers have handled these situations. I have shared with you some standard templates through our Project Management Document repository to make your work simpler.

Interpersonal development




It is mandatory these days to enhance your communication skills, the ability to work in a global team, adapt to the continuous changing environment. The soft skill section of our training will focus on such skill areas. Our Enriching Soft skills section helps you to get some information on how to make you more competent w.r.t soft skills

Leadership Development


A good leader is a role model, someone we all want to emulate. A person with good domain or technical knowledge together with good leadership skills will be such an inspiring leader. A leader grows with his or her team, brings up the strength in each team member and builds a strong multi faceted team. Our section on Leadership Development will give you a brief idea of some of our leadership programs

Video Tutorials 
How to prioritize a project?


This video will guide you through a simple way you can prioritize a project. You can use a simple excel sheet to do the project prioritization. It is important for organizations to prioritize their projects in order to give attention to the top projects. There are Project Management tools available to help you with the prioritization, but you can do it through a simple excel sheet as well.

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How to set up a PMO?


Many organizations do not have a Project Management Office(PMO). It is needed to set up a disciplined and consistent approach to Project Management. This presentation will leave you with the thoughts as to why you need to set up a PMO, what should be the framework, what are the challenges and what should be the immediate next steps

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